From north to south, traveling through Italy to discover the points of view of the experts of the field, those who know the area and its companies and the different customer approaches. If automation is still considered a luxury in the south, in the north it is more for everyone, a bit for fun, a bit to save on bills and, in any case, and this is a shared opinion, there is still much to do and there is a need for more information.

The reliability of the system and a serious company behind it are values that make the difference.

Let’s talk about it with Roberto Beretta

What do the customers ask you?

There is customer and customer. There is the one that wants a basic lighting control system with on-off feature, then there is the one who wants a system with which you can modulate the light according to the circadian rhythm. Those who have specific requests are generally informed or have already had automation experiences or work in IT, then there are those who instead need to be guided.

But we are still in a situation where people are still a little afraid of home automation, so the most frequently asked question after ‘How much is it?’ is ‘But does it work?’

What we do is education and explaining that these are systems that work well and save money.

How do entrepreneurs, and therefore the office world, approach the automation sector?


And what is the trend when it comes to heating and air conditioning?

Speaking of home automation, all systems can become integrated. And what we try to do is to have a single control panel and a single consumption report; even if there are many mechanical installers who offer air conditioning systems that work on their own. The convenience of having a single integrated system that manages lights and temperature is obvious.

What are the reasons for a possible refusal?

Definitely the cost. Even if, in the face of a slightly higher initial expense, time proves us right and in a short time the investment is returned. Also, the features offered by an automation system are not comparable with those of a standard system.

How much more can it cost?

With the KNX systems it can cost up to 100% more, with smart Bluetooth systems, such as OTOMO, much less while still having an excellent service.

What does the installer want from an automation system?

First of all, excellent assistance from the manufacturing companies, as they are systems that require programming and therefore there is a need for assistance, training, and reassurance.

Secondly, ease of use.

You proposed OTOMO for a renovation of an office building in Milan. How did you propose it and what convinced the customer?

The customer initially considered a KNX system. But their needs could also be met by a Bluetooth system like OTOMO. Their request was to have sensors to turn the lights on and off and to optimize the brightness according to the hours of the day, in addition to ease of use. And OTOMO, with decidedly lower costs compared to a KNX system, fully satisfies the request; it is easily managed through an app that can be downloaded to any device and is able to recognize the presence of a person either thanks to the configured mobile phone or via beacons distributed to the employees together with the badges.

With OTOMO App you can control youroffice with an automation experiencecustomized to your needs. Are you ready?

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