is a network of bluetooth controls born to manage optimization, energy saving
and office control through smartphone and mobile devices.


Fast installation, reliable products. No logic to be set up, we thought of everything for you


Driven from wide experience in building automation,
designed from specialists for professionals.


Internet of Things, Domotics, Cloud, Savings, Control, Company management. The added value, finally.


Everything you need, no hitches & glitches.

what it controls

Lighting, blinds, shades, motorized gates with AUTOMATIC MANAGEMENT or PRESENCE-DEPENDENT management. Local and remote.

  • auto on-off of lighting devices
  • automatic control of constant brightness in a room
  • manual control of brightness and color temperature of light sources
  • biodynamic light: automatic management of lighting colour temperature and intensity according to the circadian cycle
  • automatic and manual control of opening and closing
  • remote opening of gates
  • monitoring and remote control
  • automatic and manual control of loads
  • remote opening of gates
  • monitoring and remote control

risparmio energetico

Energy savings

OTOMO is compliant with the Efficiency Class A "High Energy Performance" of the European standard EN 15232.


of lighting electricity

compared to office settings with traditional systems, without any automation control system (D class according to EN 15232).

– norma EN 15232 : “Energy performance of buildings – impact of building automation, control and building management” ( Prestazione energetica degli edifici – influenza dell’automazione, del controllo e della gestione di un edificio)
– Lighting Controls in commercial buildings. Williams A., 2012. Leukos.
Politecnico di Milano – Laboratorio Luce – Dipartimento di Design: “Attestare il risparmio indotto in un impianto di illuminazione in cui è installato OTOMO rispetto ad un impianto tradizionale senza sitemi gi gestione OTOMO della luce”  2019 Prof. Maurizio Rossi

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