Here is the second appointment with the players of this field. The protagonist is Mimmo Marotta, founder of Domenico Marotta srl, a brilliant enterprise from Bari guided by a daily passion for innovation in the automation and home automation field, with an Aristotelian motto: ‘We are what we do repeatedly, therefore excellence is not an act, but a habit.’

Let’s talk about it with Mimmo Marotta

Who are your typical customers?

Our core business is in the work sector, in particular small and medium-sized businesses, for example our last job in the office world was 800 square meters. Another fundamental target for us is that of renovations in the residential sector, villas or houses with medium-high finishes, renovated with an important study of the customers’ needs and goals. Not much industry because in the area we operate in there are not many. Our structure allows us to follow the installation process in all its facets, from design to installation to the activation and integration of technological systems.

What do the customers who approach the world of automation ask for?

Saving money, well-being, ease of use, and fun. The most used argument, also thanks to tax incentives, is that of energy saving. The customers want to save money and we respond technically to this request with an offer for systems automation. We are the ones who guide them.

So, are customers not well educated on this matter?

Generally, no. Or rather, they do not know the true features and potential of a home automation system. If the request comes directly from the customer it is because the solution was seen through some friend or in the media; a clear example of this is voice assistants. Anyway, in general, these types of requests come from a wealthy clientele, as automation has gained over the years, in my opinion erroneously, the reputation of being expensive.

What are the possible problems of an automation system?

For example, stability. But it is not actually a problem related to the system itself but to the internet connection.

What are the most requested features?

Definitely lighting control. The customer wants to save money and associates that with lighting control. But when we educate our customers, we explain that real savings are achieved by managing and integrating other more energy-hungry systems such as heating and air conditioning.

Bluetooth is advancing more and more. What do you think of this technology?

Excellent for environments such as offices, for example newly built ones, and for all those situations in which conditions allow it, i.e. with ‘normal-sized’ internal walls, both plasterboard and masonry. It is a cheaper system compared to KNX, you avoid the wiring and it takes less time to set up. However, it can have limitations in certain contexts. In our area, for example, there are many stone buildings, trulli, and large farms with very thick walls, where it is hard for the Bluetooth to work and be stable.

What are the obstacles to overcome with undecided customers?

The cost is the customers’ biggest fear. Every day we demonstrate to our customers that the value added to the system and the savings in different forms make automation systems no longer a thing for the elite few.

How long has automation been widespread?

I opened the first showroom in 2006. The second in 2012 and they told me I was crazy. After some big jobs and a few years, thanks also to the advertising from the large parent companies, everything has changed and there has been an increasing demand ever since. Today we are planning the opening of our third showroom, scheduled for the end of 2020.

What do you, players in the sector, ask of an automation system?

That it works, that it is easy to install, and costs little. This is the demand of the average installer. Ease of installation is not as important to us though – the more difficult it is, the more fun we have.


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