As business owners, you will have, at least once in your lifetime, chosen offices in which to move your company headquarters and you may also have, in some cases, had to restructure them. If that time is now, read carefully how to best deal with the restructuring.

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If you need to restructure a space for offices and don’t know where to start, don’t panic. Here are a few simple tips that will help you make the best choices and even create some added value to the building.

Choosing the designer.

We often think we can do it on our own but that is rarely the best solution. Deciding to bring in an architect from when you choose the space or building to restructure will shield you from some unpleasant surprises and also help you save in the long run. So, choose the architect and choose the right one for you. After all, every architect has his or her own specialisation, leaning and professional sensitivity. It is up to you to decide which one you think is best suited to assisting you in the restructuring process.

What you should ask the architect.
Even before starting the design, ask the architect to help you choose the right location. This is important because the architect has the ability to see the unexpressed potential inherent in the spaces. Moreover, before buying or renting, ask him/her to carry out cadastral and municipal checks to make sure that the current conditions of the building have been authorised beforehand, so you don’t end up in the unfortunate situation of not being able to proceed with the project because you have to deal with administrative and regulatory constrictions.

That’s basic because that’s how the professional can understand the potentiality
that stay unexpressed in the environment.

Think about stairs, lifts and the window layout.

During the project phase, give the architect a precise brief on what your expectations are based on the organisation chart of your operating structure, taking into account the way your team works and also looking ahead and suggesting other improvements. Always respect the building, however, by following the distribution of the spaces. And to do this, rely on the advice of your expert who will know how to choose the best layout to give to the renovation, starting from the position of the stairs and lifts and the number of windows from which he/she can define the modularity of the office spaces. By respecting these pre-existing features, you will be able to get the best space possible and keep the costs under control.

Friendly technology.

Nowadays, ergonomics and technology go hand in hand. Both contribute towards making the work experience comfortable. And this cannot be ignored. The architect, Alessia Garibaldi, founder of Garibaldiarchitects, office space designer and tech humanist, provides us with an interesting viewpoint. “How should those of us armed with a pencil and a host of ideas relate to technology compared to super techs who crunch algorithms? Technology is becoming more and more part of the projects and we suffer the aesthetic consequences of this invasion. I have, however, understood something important: if we don’t focus on people and their values, then we don’t reach any goal. We need to learn to talk about technological innovation serving people and their well-being.
Now more than ever the answer is clear to me, technology allows us to be constantly connected and its usability is an extraordinary element.”

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We need to learn to speak about technological innovation at the service of people,
and their wellbeing.

Intervention: internal renovation of the offices. * Location: Via Copernico, Milano, Italia *Surface: 14.000 mq * Head Designer Alessia Garibaldi,
Marco Vigo, Giorgio Piliego * Project Team: Simone Ferrara, Roberta D’Elia


LEED and WELL but green spaces in the office too.

And while you are at it, why not create added value whilst you are restructuring? For example, by attaining LEED and WELL certifications as well as conveying the pleasure of working in that space to the users by creating an ultra-comfortable environment. Comfort is everything, it ranges from plants in the office to the ergonomics of the workstation, plus the right light that doesn’t tire your eyes and the possibility of reinventing your workplace every day with hot desking and co-working. A user’s positive perception is a very strong added value. And contributes to working more efficiently.


The importance of workplace change management.

What if you are too far-sighted for your team? As stated by Alessandro Adamo, partner of Lombardini22, the leading architecture and design company in the Top 50 classification in Italy, and director of DEGW, the Lombardini22 brand dedicated to integrated restructuring for work places, “Change management is a decisive path when changing office and spaces. It’s not that people resist change but rather they resist being changed. In order to transform the fear of change into enthusiasm, people are involved to varying degrees through workshops and activities from the early stages, thus allowing them to start to experience the new spaces before they even physically enter them, and explain to them how to approach them.”

“The innovative model of desk sharing becomes reality in the new headquarters of Oliver Wyman in Milan. It is time to change habits, abandon fixed desks and choose your own dimension every day. In NOW, the new working environment of Oliver Wyman, this is possible thanks to the green spaces and high-tech designed by DEGW.” Photos: Dario Tettamanzi.

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