Have you ever wondered why lots of people don’t trust technology? It’s simple. They have had a bad experience in the past. They tried and saw that it didn’t work or maybe it was too difficult to operate, so they gave up and just used the basic version. Without, however, trying to figure out why it didn’t work.

To the detriment of technology, the serious kind, however, the low cost gadget product, found on the internet, worked well. Nothing against purchases on-line, nothing against low cost purchases of course, but you should always be aware of what you are buying.

There are a lot of gadgets in the automation field, especially automation that works with wireless systems. Non-branded, unprofessional products.

“The reliability of a system and a product comes also from the reliability and professionalism of the company that produces it”.

Our advice to anyone, who wants to experiment with technology for the first time in the gadget sector, is to focus on quality. Quality that is often guaranteed by brand reputation.

“The reliability of a system and a product comes also from the reliability and professionalism of the company that produces it”, says Claudio Crespi, Eelectron’s Technical Manager. “Our wireless systems are professional products. They are the result of the search for quality which starts, first and foremost, with quality materials, but also with compliance with standards and respect for work”.

Eelectron is well-known on the market for its successful history with Konnex systems, safe and reliable systems, innovative systems. And innovation also means OTOMO, the new wireless system for the smart management of office spaces that allows you to solve the problems of small-medium workplaces with the IoT. The goals: energy saving and increased indoor well-being, improving the quality of life. This a new market entry based on Bluetooth Low Energy. “Bluetooth Low Energy is a secure technology which can be used worldwide which also means reliability with no limitations. There are lots of frequencies that are global and others that are regional. Bluetooth Low Energy works anywhere”. In addition to energy savings and automated operations (shutters, door openings, circadian rhythm lighting), OTOMO also guarantees user recognition via the app loaded on user devices. This means that it is possible, for example, to assess the indoor position and thus, the best wayfinding by directing people to rooms that are unused at the time and free for impromptu and unscheduled meetings.

Another important aspect of a wireless system like OTOMO is its flexibility of use. It can be used in newly built small-medium offices, as well as for implementations of existing systems, such as Konnex, when avoiding building work is important. Because a wireless system like OTOMO can be integrated with KNX systems, for example, to check air quality and temperature adjustment.

“OTOMO is a stand-alone system that does not need to interface with other systems and is the ideal solution for a specific type of application. As already stated, there is no such thing as a perfect system. There is, however, the most suitable system for solving a problem which may be a Konnex or wireless system. Sometimes the best solution is the compromise between different systems”.

This also means reliability.