We spoke with Paolo Segù Technical manager – OTOMO.

Technology | Easy to install | Mesh networking | User profiling | All from your phone

One day there’s only one person in the office, the next there’s ten working at a single workstation, another day there’s an extra three people, each at a desk. Quite simply, these are the effects of smart working: never knowing how many people are in the workplace. So how can we easily and cleverly manage all possible scenarios? Workplace management systems that use Bluetooth ® technology are a valid response to create comfort in the office based on the level of occupancy. By controlling the light, thermoregulation and opening and closing of entryways, in addition to shading systems (curtains and shutters), smart management systems allow best configuration profiled to suit the user, while also collecting statistical data in order to optimise the management of spaces. All this through a single smartphone App. It couldn’t be any simpler!

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